Welcome to Usury-Free Banking with Stable Currencies!

Welcome to my latest blog that promotes LETS as community building activities, and BarterCard as a social business in the way that Nobel Peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus has defined it: operating without loss, without dividends and for the greater good.

The blog informs about money and currencies as solutions to the banking crisis.

And it promotes:

  • banking that is usury-free rather than thrives on legitimising usury
  • accounting that is ethical and in the public interest or at least in the interest of the members of an organisation and clients of a business
  • enterprises that are social, i.e. good for society and our environment.

In the Spirit of the Forum for Stable Currencies, your most passionate blogger, promoter and mathematician Sabine K McNeill.


3 responses to “Welcome to Usury-Free Banking with Stable Currencies!

  1. Jct: Good stuff. Make sure to point out that when the local currency is pegged to the Time Standard of Money (how many dollars/hour child labor) Hours earned locally can be intertraded with other timebanks globally!
    In 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with an IOU for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hours.
    U.N. Millennium Declaration UNILETS Resolution C6 to governments is for a time-based currency to restructure the global financial architecture.
    See my banking systems engineering analysis at http://youtube.com/kingofthepaupers

    • Hi, John,

      You continue to be the ‘stuntman par excellence’ for anti-usury and pro-stable-currencies – whether time-based or locality-based.

      Thanks for your comment!

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