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Town Mayor takes his salary in Bristol Pounds: may they come as an app and may many mayors follow suit!

Salt Spring Dollars are a community currency i...

Salt Spring Dollars are a community currency issued by the Salt Spring Island Monetary Foundation. The currency is used by both tourists and local residents of Salt Spring Island. “Salt Spring Dollars”. Salt Spring Island Monetary Foundation . . Retrieved 2011-04-27 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, this is the least expected and most promising news I had in my inbox today:

New Mayor Takes Entire Salary in Local Currency

I can’t even remember when it was that I started the first Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) in London, as the Green Money Network. It must have been in the 80s, when I had started Turning Points @ St. James’s which is still running as Alternatives. 80 members had signed up in no time, but they wouldn’t trade. So they needed meetings – which we made happen at the LSE – where people socialised and still wouldn’t trade.

It’s obviously a big difference whether my mum used her local currency in the former DDR in rural Brandenburg quite happily or whether Londoners should learn to change their ways of relating to each with their means of payment.

If only Bristol Pounds were available as an app and all town mayors were to follow Bristol sooner rather than later!